Socialee is LIVE

Sorry for the wait

We are truly sorry for not updating this blog for such a long time. The development and testing has been going on behind the scenes for the last few months and we are now proud to present to you the first publicly available version of Socialee. Go get for  iOS and Android now!
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Let us present Socialee – Beta testers wanted!

Gosh. How do you start off a blog post telling the world that the app you’ve been working on for ages is soon to go live? Well. Let’s try shall we.

One night a couple of years ago a person that I worked with at the time tweeted the following.

“How come there is no service that can tell me who of my friends wants to go clubbing right now?”

That quote has stuck with me and I have since then thought about how such a service or app would look like. The result is Socialee.

Socialee shows people that you know who are nearby and want to do the same things as you do. The app uses your friends and connections from the social networks you’re already using so there is no need to add them all again.

Socialee will be the best way to find someone to have lunch, grab a coffee or perhaps just hang out with. Since the people you see on Socialee are people you already have a connection with, the risk of running in to creeps should be lower than on other social apps.

The development is in its final stages and it is time to get tester. Are you interested? Don’t hesitate to fill out this form to get started.